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Your Facebook and Social Media Marketing Guide

Facebook is switching its infrastructure over the next few weeks and your messages will disappear from your iPhone or Android App soon. If you've resisted Facebook's message to install the Messenger App before, you're going to have to do so soon if you want to get your messages on your phone, though tablet users should not be affected. Facebook appears to be following more of a Unix-like philosophy to app development and trying to develop tools that do just one thing well rather than giant monolithic entities that do everything poorly. Although many people probably don't want to install a dozen different Facebook Apps, it's certain that Facebook likes having their brand covering as much phone real estate as possible as they'll always be in your mind. As Facebook is necessary for communicating with friends and following things you're interested in, most people will go along with the changes. Facebook is not resting on its laurels and is actively improving Messenger, so the user experience should be quite good for most people.