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Mark Zuckerberg has been pretty busy lately. Besides his first public Q & A session last month where he answered some tough questions about Facebook privacy issues as well as reports about its famous psychology experiments on users, he held his second big public question and answer session. The biggest news from the day is arguably his discussion of a potential dislike button on Facebook to compliment the ubiquitous like button. However, he rightfully pointed out how balancing this so it's a force for good and not harmful to users is the right way to go about things, so it seems as if they're treading cautiously and not going to rush into committing to a new feature here.

Besides mentioning his favorite pizza topping (fried chicken, which sounds like an interesting treat that is worth trying out), he also focused on the importance of coding, which is a skill that more young people need to be exposed to in order to determine if they have that ability. He also talked about some privacy, ethical, and social concerns and challenges that Facebook faced going forward into the future. He also addressed concerns about Facebook making people even more anti-social by pointing out how Facebook makes it more likely to interact with people socially. All in all, it was a fairly successful little session that seems likely to be repeated again sometime in the near future.