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Mark Zuckerberg is a fairly private individual, so when he speaks people pay attention. An internal memo was leaker where he voiced displeasure about people crossing out "black lives matter" and writing in "All lives matter" on a wall in the MPK building in one of Facebook's Menlo Park buildings. He said that people shouldn't be ignorant or racist but should acknowledge the special difficulties that African-Americans have historically faced. While this probably rubs some people the wrong way as many CEOs are generally encouraged to be apolitical, it looks like Facebook will have a special commitment to political causes that fall on the side of acknowledging civil rights and similar causes. This has ranging implications with regards to freedom of speech and other viewpoints that people hold and will be interesting to observe going forward. With many celebrities turning to politicians in recent decades of American history, will Mark attempt to eventually run for President down the road when he accomplishes most of what he eventually wants to do with Facebook?