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Well, not everybody, but it sure seems that way judging from iTunes Reviews. Since Facebook has made it a requirement to use Facebook Messenger on your iPhone or Android device, there's been a literal (actually figurative) tsunami of negative reviews coming its way. People are ripping it apart for privacy concerns, criticisms about the user-interface, the necessity to install two apps, or other perceived slights. While there are many opinions about Facebook out there, some industry observers are suggesting that these concerns are overstated.

Many people dislike changing technology and software because they're not good with computers and have to relearn where everything is. Facebook frequently receives massive criticism every time they change some aspect of their software that people are already used to. When their site UI changes, they often receive a lot of criticism. When the Newsfeed itself was first released, many people were freaking out about this as well. Only time will tell if som of these vocal critics stop being highly critical over time as people get more used to this change, or if they've voiced popular opposition to a massive issue that Facebook might have to address or even backtrack from.