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Your Facebook and Social Media Marketing Guide

Facebook is currently testing a new Buy Now Button with select US brands that lets people order products without even leaving Facebook. Facebook would very clearly be interested in anything that encouraged businesses to promote their Facebook presence even stronger in services that would gain them more revenue and personal information about users, so this seems like a natural fit. Facebook has been interested in many different types of services previously that gives them an entry into processing financial transactions, with things like Facebook Gifts and virtual purchases being tried. Facebook has even previously been rumored to try and get into money transferring services, so their interest in ecommerce is clear. Many businesses are using Facebook as a tool to drive visitors to their sites to buy their products and services, so if this kind of thing ever takes off, it could be a great asset for brands as well as Facebook. But many similar social initiatives such as this Facebook Buy Button have been tried and failed before, so Facebook does face somewhat of an uphill battle here.