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Well, technically it's pseudonymous and not truly anonymous, but Rooms is Facebook's first App that allows you to interact and post and create things without having to associate your real name with your posts. This is critical for Facebook given some of the harsh criticism from LGBT activists (among many other groups such as political activists in countries where freedom of speech does not exist) that they've received on this lately. Rooms lets users create topic boards on any topic that they want to, kind of like older style BBSs or discussion forums. The pseudonymous nature of the App ensures that you can explore your interests and not be worried that your real life reputation will be impacted by a controversial statement that you make, or that your friends will judge you harshly for an opinion you hold. This is one thing that Google really missed the boat on with Google Plus and hopefully this has an impact on how other social networking giants decide to operate going forward. It is clear that Facebook, between its acquisition of messaging apps to it's emphasis on making the Newsfeed even more News focused, wants to empower users to spend more and more time and page views on Facebook daily and a successful Rooms App that's widely used would go a long way towards increasing eyeballs on Facebook properties. Even though Facebook has demonstrated a high quality design flair in recent years, the quality of the design really is stunning and Facebook deserves to get a tip of the hat for their quality software. Only time will tell though if Rooms is a big hit with users and if it actually ends up getting used or if it joins the pile of uninspired Facebook apps and software that dies off a few months down the road. Given the importance of anonymity to many users, one would suspect that this becomes a fairly critical App for Facebook.