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Your Facebook and Social Media Marketing Guide

Facebook Gifts is dying so that the Facebook Buy Button may live. If you wanted to use Facebook to buy your friend a gift card for a Starbucks cappuccino, an iTunes move, or even a Dominos pizza, you better hope that their cake day is before August 12, because that's when Facebook gifts is being shut down. While Facebook directly selling gifts was never viewed as a significant success for them, there is a lot of optimism that their new Facebook Buy Button is going to be a great way for businesses to reach out directly to customers and allow Facebook to take a tidy cut of that at the same time. At its core, Facebook is a technically focused advertising company, so any innovations that help brands devote more resources and attention to Facebook is going to have a significant impact on their bottom line. This focus on their commercial platform and what ultimately comes from that is going to be very interesting to follow over the next few months.