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Though the big tech giants often disagree about which programming language is best or which video codecs benefit customers the most, one thing they do seem to be aligning together on is gathering in support of Apple's battle to maintain its customers privacy. These companies as well as Box, Square, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others have voiced support in Apple not building a backdoor into their products as the reduced encryption weakens security and privacy on their products. This makes sense because there is no such thing as a backdoor that can only be used by good guys.

Although Facebook has a reputation for not being overly concerned about users well-being or privacy, it does seem that Facebook is trying to improve in this regard at least somewhat. This makes sense and is logical as business opportunities on the web would be at risk for all of these companies who have a big stake in the web and mobile technology.

While tomorrow, the companies will go back to squabbling over minor technology choices and tiny details about web specifications and a hundred other things, this moment of unity and solidarity is very interesting to see as a tech industry observer because this case has very wide-ranging implications.