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Your Facebook and Social Media Marketing Guide

Mobile features within software are becoming increasingly more important not only to Facebook, but users who spend more time hooked into phones and tablets within native apps. This is obvious if you have a limited data plan but still spend a lot of time on Facebook! Facebook has finally released a software library for mobile application developers to easily enable users within all of their apps to easily natively like any Facebook Open Graph object. This currently is available for iOS and Android, though one would expect that even less popular platforms like Blackberry as well as Windows Phone might eventually see their own implementation. This makes it even easier for native App developers to use Facebook to not only promote their own Facebook pages, but also helps push Facebook's presence out even further into all of the hundreds of thousands of games, tools, and other types of software that people spend time on when they're not on Facebook. Given that the web's Facebook like button achieved a high level of penetration fairly quickly and helped Facebook increase their growth, there's no doubt that you'll be seeing more Facebook like buttons and other interaction with Facebook within an increasing number of Apps over the coming few months. This is exactly the type of casual interaction that many simple Apps need to allow users to take actions without having to login. This is beneficial for Facebook, users, as well as App developers.