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Facebook is having a lot of success courting businesses and older users in recent years, but there's no question that they've lost a bit of their cool factor as the mass market (Mom, Dad, and even Grandparents) joined Facebook. There's also no question that many younger people no longer think Facebook is cool, but a giant corporate behemoth. Snapchat has captured a big part of the picture sharing and communication market among young people, so Facebook has been experimenting with message apps and pokes and other things similar to this for some time. Today they released Slingshot, which provides an interesting twist on Photo Sharing. You can only see a pixelated version of a photo until you share something back. So Facebook is probably hoping that there's a bit of a viral component to this and that it's significantly more fun than some of their other recent experiments and takes off in the youth market. This is a refreshing twist on the photo sharing concept that doesn't depend on hipster image filters, so it will be interesting to see if this takes off in a major way. At the very least, it looks like it could be pretty fun.