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Mark Zuckerberg deserves to be lauded for attempting to increase Facebook's level of transparency and his public Question and Answer session on November 6 is a very interesting exercise. Similar in format to Reddit's popular Ask Me Anything series, it will allow users to ask Mark questions to be answered. However, given the increasingly corporate managed and carefully scripted, PR manipulated AMA sessions, one would have very large doubts about any really difficult questions being posed in this live session despite how fascinating that would be to see. The questions will likely be carefully filtered by PR people to avoid anything that's too hot or potentially embarrassing, such as real questions about Facebook's famous psychology experiment, although Mark would deserve a lot of credit if he does indeed take on some difficult privacy and political questions about Facebook's direction head on. Whatever happens, November 6 is a date to jot down in your calendar and it's worth checking out and seeing what happens with his live question session. Hopefully it's entertaining and informative, while being tough on him and still maintaining a sense of respect and proper public decorum.