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Yes, this blog post title is a parody of how companies like Upworthy (probably the worst offender) and Buzzfeed entice people into clicking on many of their articles. Facebook is reportedly taking steps to make publishers of click bait articles rank lower in peoples' Newsfeeds. Just like the boy who cried wolf one too many times ended up getting eaten, these publishers have gained a negative reputation and Facebook is going to take some algorithmic action against them. Between things like this and Facebook's labeling of satire, it looks like Facebook is making a concerted effort to clean up the Newsfeed and bring a higher quality browsing experience for most users.

These types of media companies prey on peoples' emotions and sense of anticipation to craft article headlines that sound amazing, and usually you end up disappointed when you find out it's an average, run of the mill article. To be fair, sometimes their content can be very awesome, but it can also be annoying. However, many people actually like this kind of content and frequently like it and share it on their wall, so it might take some time to see if most people generally like these changes or if getting rid of some of this stuff actually harms the average user experience. To be sure though, publishers of clickbait style articles are now on notice and they'll have to rethink how they operate in many respects.