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Your Facebook and Social Media Marketing Guide

Overview only focuses on different types of Facebook marketing solutions for pages as well as posts/pics/videos. This focus on one social network lets them keep their subscription network simple and very efficient with high overall quality across the board.

Social Media Services

As you may know, they offer two different types of Facebook packages with a bunch of different quantities of likes per month. Their biggest feature is already customer support. They are a subscription service, so their biggest incentive is to keep you happy. On top of this, the likes are very high quality, and they offer full service for Facebook with promotion for both pages as well as posts/pics/videos.

Customer Support

They respond quickly and professionally to all messages, often within just a few minutes. This obsessive focus on customer service is what in our experience most people love about them. Their lack of phone support is a minor weakness here however as more options are always better than fewer.


The bottom line is that they're very credible and professional and provide a high quality service within the competitive Facebook marketing category. If that's what you're focused on, then they're a fabulous option for most businesses or brands who want to increase engagement and interaction on Facebook.

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Overall Rating: Reviewed 4.625 stars
4.6/5 out of 38 reviews


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